118 pages
American Orchid Society, Orchid Pests and Diseases, American Orchid Society, West Palm Beach, Florida, 1995 revised edition.
This booklet from the American Orchid Society has up-to-date information about all orchid ailments you can imagine. Its chapter on Physiological Disorders is a wonderful reminder of how to ideally grow orchids. You will be able to recognize any orchid pests, and make the difference between fungus and bacterial attacks. And you are given suggestions of what to do to nurse your plant back to health.
This book is so thorough that you may feel bewildered by all the possible diseases that can attack your plants.
The chapters on what products to use and which are safe for orchids are getting old very quickly, products being continually replaced by new ones on the marketplace.
You'll find out, too, that almost all of these products are not safe to use inside your home...
The chapters about all the different fungi, bacteria and viruses attacking orchids are important mostly for analytical laboratories that need to know exactly what type of disease is affecting a whole-seller's crop.
My tip: ask your local orchid society or orchid nursery what to use on your diseased plant...
Physiological Disorders:     Water
Nutritional Problems
Potting Faults
Chemical Toxicity
Air Pollution
Miscellaneous Problems
Biological Control of      
Insects and Mites:      Elements of Integrated Pest Management
Fungus Gnats
Spider Mites
Other Pests
Obtaining Biological Control Agents
Pesticides: Selection,    
Application and Storage     Choosing a Pesticide
Pesticide Laws
Poison Control Centers
Toxicity of Pesticides
Toxicity of Pesticides for Orchids
Compatibility of Pesticides
Pesticide and Application Safety
Required Signal Words by Toxicity Category
Disposal of Pesticide Containers
Orchid Pests:      Insect Pests
Products Registered for Use on Orchids
Non-insect Pests
Orchid Pest Control
Diseases Caused by      
Bacteria and Fungi:      Survey of Diseases
Plant-disease Profiles
Preventing Diseases
Roots, Stem and Pseudo-bulb Rots
Leaf Spots
Flower Blights
Legal Fungicides and Usage Information for Orchids
Viruses and Their Control   How a Virus Infects a Plant Cell
What is a Virus?
The Structure of Viruses
Virus Replication
Effects of Viruses on Plants
Virus Symptoms in Orchids
Cymbidium Mosaic Virus
Tobacco Mosaic Virus
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
The Need for Testing
Transmission of Orchid Viruses
Control Through Sanitation
Detection Methods
Indicator Plants for CyMV
Indicator Plants for TMV-O
Indicator Plants for Short Orchid Rhabdoviruses
Indicator Plants for Other Orchid Viruses
Producing a Virus-free Collection
Test Recommendations
Genetically Engineered Virus Resistance
Genetic Transformation
Genetic Engineering a Virus-resistant Orchid
Orchid Transformation
Viruses Described in Orchids
Resources fr Identifying   
Orchid Ailments   

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