64 pages
Batchelor, Stephen R. & Fitch, Charles Marden, Your First Orchid: a guide for beginners, American Orchid Society, West Palm Beach, Florida, 1996.
This booklet from the American Orchid Society is a basic introduction to how to care for an orchid. It is a guide for the person who just received an orchid and has no clue what to do to make it happy. It is easy to read and understand, and very nicely illustrated. It could be a good gift accompanying that first plant...

It's really very basic. As soon as a real question about orchids pops into your mind, you'll have to get another book.

Where to Grow:     Your Orchid's Basic Needs
Getting Started
Finding the Right Spot
Light Requirements by Genus
Temperature and Orchids
The Orchid Family
Where to Grow Based on Where You Live
Orchid Societies
Watering and Fertilizing:     How often to Water
An Exception
How Much Fertilizer to Use
How to Fertilize
Adjusting How Often You Water
What Kind is it?      Identifying Your Orchid
The Source on Orchid Hybrid Names
Monopodial Versus Sympodial
A Cattleya by Many Names
Repotting Orchids:      Potting Media
What to Buy
When to Repot
Common Components of Orchid Media
Repotting Materials
Preparation for Repotting
Repotting Monopodial Orchids
Repotting Sympodial Orchids
Getting a Handle on Razor Blades
Orchids That Do Not Like Pots
Special Care for Your Repotted Orchid
Mounted Orchids
What's Wrong With It?     Cultural Practices
Troubleshooting Guide for Beginning Growers
Diseases and Insects:      Diseases
Organic Solutions
Controlling Orchid Insects and Diseases
Selecting Controls: A Shopper's List
So You Want More:      How Was It Made
Sources for Orchids
What to Grow Where You Live
Recommended Orchids
What to Look for in Your Next Orchid
Desirable Traits in Orchids
Orchids for Beginners
A Beginner's Orchid Library
Questions to Ask an Orchid Seller

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