160 pages
Black, Peter McKenzie, Orchid Growing, Ward Lock, London, 1998 revised edition.
Black's Book on Orchid Growing is extremely well organized. It starts with an introduction into what is an orchid and how do they live in the wild, and goes on to how to give them similar conditions in cultivation. The information is scientific and thorough. The second part of the book introduces a wide variety of orchid species and how to grow them. The species chosen are a little bit out of the ordinary without being hard to come by, and each entry is nicely illustrated and gives good cultural information.


The book talks only about greenhouse culture of orchids, and while a lot of the information will be of use for the home grower, it doesn't address the problems of growing orchids on the windowsill.
     I   General Horticulture
Introduction:      Characteristics of family Orchidaceae
Habitat in the wild of terrestrial and epiphytic orchids
Culture and Care:      Seed and germination
Pollination by man
    Sowing the seed
Containers and methods of utilizing them
Watering requirements
Fertilizer requirements
Lighting requirements
Heating requirements; cool, intermediate and warm greenhouses
Air/relative humidity requirements; need for air circulation
Reproduction by division
Pests and diseases
II   Selection of orchid Species
Paphiopedilum:      callosum / concolor / hirsutissimum / spiceranum / sukhakulii
Bulbophyllum:      cupreum / lobbii / macranthum
Cirrhopetalum:     guttulatum / makoyanum
Coelogyne:      cristata / fimbriata
Pleione:      lagenaria / maculata
Dendrobium:      coelogyne / fimbriatum / nobile / phalaenopsis / senile
Brassavola:      flagellaris / nodosa
Cattleya:      amethystoglossa / bowringiana / citrina / granulosa / schillerana
Epidendrum:      medusae / polybulbon / vitellinum
Isabelia:      virginalis
Laelia:      anceps / harpophylla / purpurata
Leptotes:      bicolor
Sophronitis:      coccinea / violacea
Masdevallia:      caloptera / caudata / edwallii / tovarensis / veitchiana
Pleurothallis:      sonderana / strupifolia
Restrepia:      guttulata
Cymbidium:      devonianum / tigrinum
Bifrenaria:      vitellina
Lycaste:      aromatica / fimbriata
Maxillaria:      picta / sophronitis / tenuifolia
Comparettia:      macroplectrum / speciosa
Gongora:      armeniaca
Ionopsis:      utricularioides
Rodriguezia:      decora / secunda
Lockhartia:      oerstedii
Brassia:      verrucosa
Miltonia:      clowesii
Odontoglossum:      bictoniense / cervantesii / cordatum / grande / pulchellum
Oncidium:      gardneri / krameranum / nubigenum / ornithorhynchum / pusillum / triquetrum /
Sigmatostalix:      radicans
Trichocentrum:      tigrinum
Trichopilia:      suavis
Promenaea:      stapelioides
Zygopetalum:      intermedium
Aerangis:      rhodosticta
Angraecum:      eburneum / leonis / sesquipedale
Ascocentrum:      miniatum
Gastrochilus:      calceolaris / dasypogon
Haraella:      retrocalla
Aerides:      fieldingii / maculosa
Phalaenopsis:      cornu-cervi / esmeralda / violacea
Rhynchostylis:      coelestis
Vanda:      cristata / denisoniana

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