76 pages
Fitch, Charles Marden, Growing Orchids Under Lights, American Orchid Society, West Palm Beach, Florida, 1997.
This booklet from the American Orchid Society explains all there is to know about different types of artificial light sources for growing plants. Different settings are discussed, from artificial light supplementing natural light to orchids grown exclusively under artificial light. There is also a picture series comparing the distortions in flower colors under different types of light. Then there is a brief introduction of orchid genera adaptable to culture under artificial lights.
What is there to say? Perhaps that in the home, growing under lights might present more of a problem because of the heat emitted by the lamp fixtures than what the book suggests? Or that normal GE plant and aquarium fluorescent bulbs have a similar spectrum than all of the super expensive gro-lux-type ones - at a fraction of the cost? But they are not commented in the book, I'm afraid...
The Quality of Light:     New Lamps
Practical Approach
Lamp Condition
Supplementing Sunlight:     Window Growing Areas
Greenhouse Lights
Flasks and Compots
Light Garden Designs:      Layout
Displays:     Double the Beauty
Combined Lighting Effects
Changing Scene
Lamps and Fixtures:      Reflectors
Table Stands
Table Fixtures
Circline Fixtures
Tiered Stands
Indoor Garden Cabinets
Orchids Under Different Types of Lights
Equipment and Timers:      Safe Approach
Larger Light Gardens
Selecting the Right Equipment
High-Intensity Lamps:      Lamp and Fixture Types
A Success Story
A System of Moving Lights
Cultural Advice
Culture Basics:      Moderate to Strong Light
Light-Hour Variations
Night Temperatures
Commercial Controls
Faster Bloom
Culture Basics
Propagating Orchids    
Growing Healthy Orchids    Treatment for Pests
Gallery of Genera:      Aerangis / Amesiella / Angraecum / Ascocentrum / Aspasia / Brassavola / Brassia /
Catasetum / Cattleya / Comparettia / Cycnoches / Cymbidium / Dendrobium / 
Epidendrum / Laelia / Lepanthes / Masdevallia / Miltonia / Neofinetia / Odontoglossum /
Oncidium / Ornithocephalus / Paphiopedilum / Phalaenopsis / Pleurothallis / Polystachya /
Rodriguezia / Sarcochilus / Sophronitis / Stanhopea / Stelis / Vanda / Foliage Orchids
Sources of Supplies      
Recommended Reading:      Periodicals
Orchid Books
Light Gardening Society

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