302 pages
Hillerman, Fred E. & Holst, Arthur, An Introduction to the Cultivated Angraecoid Orchids of Madagascar, Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 1986.
Hillerman's Book about Angraecoids is a thorough guide both to the botanical description of the species and of the conditions needed to grow them successfully in an orchid collection. It even gives us the climatic data of official meteorological reporting stations in different parts of the island, so that we may duplicate them as faithfully as possible. And every species is documented with a good quality picture. The information is first class, and easy to find.
The book is quite dry, I'm afraid, and old-fashioned in the way all color photos are assembled between chapters. But the worst thing is: this book is out of print and can virtually not be found anymore - let's hope there will be a new edition soon... 
Chapter 1:      Madagascar: General / People and Language / Early History / Later History / Interest in
Flowers / Orchid Exploration / Classification of Madagascan Angraecoids / Obtaining
Orchid Plants from Madagascar / Physical Environment / Geographic-Climatic Zones /
Orchid-Tree Tandems / Orchid-Tree Non-tandems
Chapter 2:      Angraecoid Orchids: Definition and Distinctive Characteristics
Culture of Angraecoid Orchids
Chapter 3:     The Genus Angraecum
Chapter 4:     The Genus Aerangis
Chapter 5:      The Genus Aeranthes
Chapter 6:      The Genus Jumellea
Chapter 7:     The Genus Sobennikoffia
Chapter 8:      The Genus Neobathiea
Chapter 9:      The Genus Oeonia
Chapter 10:      The Genus Oeoniella
Chapter 11:      Non-Angraecoid Species
Literature Cited     
Appendices:      Conversion Tables
Hybridizing with the Angraecoids
Summary of the Angraecoid Hybrids
Tables of Chromosome Numbers
How to Hybridize with the Angraecoids
Awarded Angraecoid Orchid Plants
     Brief Description of Some Other Madagascan Angraecoid Species Not Observed by the Authors
Angraecoid Glossary
Culture Chart
Author Abbreviations Used with Binomials

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