143 pages
Mulder, D. & Mulder-Roelfsema, T. & Schuiteman, André, Orchids Travel By Air: a pictorial safari, Het Houten Hert, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 1990.
This book is quite unusual in that it is a series of travel notes accompanied by first-class pictures of orchids in their habitat. The photos are often quite small, and represent mostly unusual orchid species, but they are gorgeous. The text gives an impression of the sometimes tedious adventures involved in hunting for orchids, and of the atmosphere of the visited regions.
The "scientific" first part of the book is, well, strange. Although most of the information seems to be correct as far as I can judge, the authors do not agree with the conventional theories and beliefs about orchids, and they have a quite direct way to state it. As a scientist myself, I'd say: jump the first part of the book but be sure to enjoy the second one...
- A -      A Popular Approach to Orchid Science, Orchidology
The Structure of Orchids, 
Morphology and Anatomy:   The Stem / The Leaf / The Roots / The Tubers / The Flowers
Living Processes and     
Functioning, Physiology:     General Remarks / Pollination / Multiplication / How Orchid Species Are Protected in
Nature Against Hybridization / Mycorrhiza / Orchids as Parasites / Mineral Nutrition /
Orchids as Hosts to Mistletoe Plants
The Human Influence      
on Orchids:      Evolution by Natural Selection and Hybridization by Human Planning
Orchids Travel by Air
Orchid Collecting in the Wild
Geographic Distribution:      General Remarks
Did the Orchids Come from the Southpole?
Note on Names     
- B -      Traveling the World for Orchids
Belize:        Orchid Galore in Jungle and Citrus Groves
Bolivia:      The Most Adventurous Orchid-Collecting Due to Rain and Mud
Brazil:     Coffee Supposed to Be Diseased, Orchids Sure to Be Retreating
Costa Rica:      A Good Start for Beginners in a Peaceful Country
Ecuador:      Taking Part in an Orchid Exhibition, Looking for Orchids with "Gringos" and a Roundtrip
Indonesia:      Renewed Tea Culture and Dwindling Orchid Resources
Panama:      Forest-fires Reduce the Number of Orchids
Ruwanda:     Cinchona Culture in Trouble and Little Time for Orchids
Sri Lanka:      Revisiting "Ceylon" with a New Hobby
Thailand:      The Land of Superior Orchid Breeding and Difficult-to-Reach Wild Orchids
Venezuela:      A Fortnight of Orchid Hunting
Zimbabwe:     Orchids and Their Protection in Zimbabwe

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