376 pages
Northen, Rebecca Tyson, Home Orchid Growing, Simon & Schuster, New York 1990, 4th revised edition.
An old classic, originally published in 1950, this book has basic information for most of the cultivated orchid species.
Rebecca Northen had an uncanny way to feel what's right for her plants, and some of that instinct comes through while reading her book. That makes it worthwhile for both beginners and experienced growers.

Let's face it - it's an old book. While the information given is still correct, it's presented in an old-fashioned, dry way. Cattleya culture is explained extensively and the culture of other species is derived from it. So to find one piece of information, you have to read most of the book... Moreover, most of the pictures are black and white, and while there are some color photos, their quality is often questionable. And the title is misleading: it's not written especially for home growers. It's written for all orchid hobbyists, most of them having greenhouses.
All in all, it's just gotten to be an old book.

Chapter 1      Orchids as a Hobby
Chapter 2      Basic Habits and Structure
Chapter 3      Care of Adult Cattleyas
Chapter 4      More on the Care of Adult Cattleyas
Chapter 5      Potting Mature Cattleyas
Chapter 6      Control of Flowering in Cattleyas
Chapter 7      Genetics and the Breeding of Hybrids
Chapter 8      Growing and Sowing Your Own Seed
Chapter 9      Seedlings from Flask to Bloom
Chapter 10      Divisions of the Orchidaceae
Chapter 11      Aerides Relatives - The Sarcanthinae Subtribe
Chapter 12      Angraecum Relatives - The Angraecinae Subtribe
Aerangis Relatives - The Aerangidinae Subtribe
Chapter 13      Cattleya Relatives - The Laeliinae Subtribe
Chapter 14      Cymbidium Relatives - The Cyrtopodiinae Subtribe
Chapter 15      Paphiopedilum Relatives - The Cypripedioidae Subfamily
Chapter 16      Dendrobium Relatives - The Dendrobiinae Subtribe
Chapter 17      Oncidium Relatives - The Oncidiinae Subtribe
Chapter 18      Catasetum Relatives - The Catasetinae Subtribe
Stanhopea Relatives - The Stanhopeinae Subtribe
Chapter 19      Collectors' Items - Bifrenariinae to Ornithocephalinae
Chapter 20      Collectors' Items - Pleurothallidinae to Zygopetalinae
Chapter 21      Problems, Diseases, and Pests
Chapter 22      Jungle Orchids
Chapter 23      Housing Your Orchids
Appendix      Orchid Literature

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