191 pages
Northen, Rebecca Tyson, Miniature Orchids and How to Grow Them, Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1996.
This book is invaluable for all the people who have limited growing space for their orchids and want to specialize in miniature orchid plants. Rebecca Northen lists all common and a lot of unusual orchid species whose vegetative growth tops out at 6 inches.
Well, this book looks old. There are only very few color pictures in the middle of the book, many entries aren't even illustrated by a black-and-white one, and the cultivation hints are few. But it still is a good place to start learning about which orchid species are really small...
Miniature Orchids: An Introduction
Orchids In the Wild Environment
The Basics of Cultivation
Encyclopedia of Representative Species
Color Plates
Encyclopedia of Representative Species Continued
Selected References
Appendix: Orchid Pest Control

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