Surfing the internet is always fun - and time flies when you're hunting orchid pages. But we offer you a shortcut: here are some

Great Orchid Links

These sites seem interesting to me. Use them as a starting point, but be aware that I can't guarantee the quality of the information or of the plants you'll find on them.
Orchid Growing Info I've organized the Orchid Growing Information in Cultural Files and Articles:
  Cultural Filesexplain how to grow an orchid species, describe their appearance and tell you what their natural habitat is.
  Orchid Related Articlesmight talk about a group of orchids, about hybrids, about how to improve your growing conditions, and so on.
Orchid Growing Supply These are supply sources that I've personally used, or that have unusual products. Just know that there are innumerable other pages around.
Orchid Retail Nurseries Click on the Nurseries button.
Links for Orchid Growing Information
Cultural Files Baker's Orchid Species Culture
| Orchid Species Encyclopedia
| Venger's Orchid Culture
Orchid Related The Orchidmall find lots of articles in the Reading Room
Articles The Orchid Lady


The Orchid House


Vivi's Orchids
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Links for Orchid Growing Supply
Orchid Growing Charley's Greenhouse
Supplies Chula Orchids
| O.F.E. International
| Orchidarium Inc.
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