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Sacajawea Orchid Society

We're located in Bozeman, Montana, on the Eastern edge of the Rockies.
Our society was founded in spring of 2002.

On our website, you will find coming and past events, our favorite orchid-related links, basic information on orchid growing, and, of course, gorgeous pictures of our members' plants.



  2019 Orchid Show Highlights

2020 SOS Orchid Show & Sale coming next spring

At the Gallatin Valley Mall in Bozeman, Entries from the community will also be greatly appreciated.

2020 Orchid Show Preshow information

Oerstedella wallisii, whose lip made us think of Sacajawea, is our club mascott orchid.

What to expect from SOS:
First of all, we meet other orchid growers of our region, and share our knowledge and our questions about growing all kinds of orchids.
We plan an orchid show once a year, and try to attend several shows around the state in turn.
From time to time, we invite a well-known orchid grower to speak about his or her experience, or we rent slide-shows or videos from the American Orchid Society to subjects that we're especially interested in.
Finally, we bring and show our orchids in bloom, just for the joy of sharing their beauty with everybody!



Current SOS Officers:
President (and primary contact): Charlie Spinelli (406)282-7621

Vice President: Sue Spinelli

Treasurer: Tia Persson

Secretary: Arleen Cannon

Librarian: Nora Brunner (SOS Library catalog is on theMeetingspage)


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