What are the benefits of a 
Membership in the Sacajawea Orchid Society?
There are many:
- You will be able to come to our quarterly meetings and get all the growing information you need to raise orchids successfully
- You will get a quarterly newsletter with articles about orchid growing, orchid history, reviews on orchid books, and so on
- You will be able to get first-hand information about speakers, orchid shows and orchid-related outings
- You will meet a lot of other people interested in orchids and be able to talk about them for hours as you've always wanted...
- If you want to, you will be able to help the society to become even more exciting, interesting and fun!
Dues per year (July-June):
$15.- for one person
$20.- for a couple

payable to the 
Sacajawea Orchid Society
To join the Sacajawea Orchid Society, please send a check with your dues to our treasurer:
T. Persson
2009 Knaab Drive
Bozeman, MT 59715
or bring it to our next meeting.

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