If you have one orchid or several hundred, if you have a vast knowledge or just a couple of questions, come and join us to learn and talk about these interesting plants.

We meet quarterly in Bozeman MT, the date and location to be announced.

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In the Sacajawea Orchid Society, you'll find people of all ages, some new in the hobby, others growing and breeding orchids for decades, all ready to share their experiences, successes, mistakes or bewilderment, and having fun doing it.
At every meeting, some members bring plants to show them off or to ask about "that weird spot on the leaf", and they receive lots of advice and encouragement.
At times speakers come and tell us about their area of expertise - they might be breeders, scientists, or amateur growers gone wild, and they all are enthusiastic about their subject..
Finally, once a year, we organize an orchid show and sale to share our passion with everybody in town, and we invite other orchid societies to join us.

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SOS Library

These can be loaned out to active members. (dues must be current)

B1- Orchids for Everyone---Jack Kramer
B2- Orchids---Tkashi Kijima
B3- Orchids Simplified---Henry Jaworski
B4- Growing Orchids---J.N. Rentoul
B5- Creating Oncidiinae Intergenerics---W.W. Goodale Moir & May A. Moir
B6- Laeliinae Intergenerics---W.W. Goodale Moir & May A. Moir
B7- Growing Orchids---AOS revised 1993
B8- Orchid Fever---Eric Hansen
B9- Botanica's Orchids---Laurel Glen
B10- Sarcochilus-Species & Hybrids---AOS-8-2011
B11- Cycnoches- Species & Hybrids---AOS-10-2012
B12- Stanhopea- Species & Hybrids---AOS- 11-2014
B13- Guide to Grow Orchids---AOS-11-2015

We have AOS Orchids magazines from 1996 up to current.

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