2005 Orchid Show

This is the first year we felt like we knew what we were doing when putting up the show.

On Friday April 8th, we registered 143 plants from 25 exhibitors.
We had two exhibitors from the Great Divide Orchid Society from Helena, and we also had exhibitors who were not members of any orchid society.
On Saturday April 9th, we held the ribbon show.
A small number of our members stood up early enough to start judging at 8:00am. It was a great learning experience for everybody, and very satisfying to be able to honor these wonderful plants as well.
On Sunday April 10th, the winners of the raffle were drawn.
This year's raffle prizes were three orchid quilts of various sizes, several orchid plants, and orchid pots.

Some Pictures:


Winning Plants


We were also very lucky to be able to host four vendors of orchid plants, and two vendors of orchid art.
To see who they were and what they were selling, click on the vendor's link to the left.

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