Coming up is the
2010 Orchid Show
April 16-18





The show will be held at the Gallatin Valley Mall, in Bozeman, MT,
in front of JC Penney, on

Friday   April 16, 10am-9pm
Saturday April 17, 10am-7pm
Sunday   April 18, 11am-4pm

Once again, experts from the American Orchid society will be judging the orchids.  The judges not only award first, second and third place ribbons in each orchid classification, they also judge the orchids for special awards granted by the American Orchid Society.



On Friday, at 2pm, Jim Huffman from Jolah Orchids will present “Basic Orchid Care for the Beginning Grower”.

On Saturday, at 2pm, Charlie Spinelli from Spinelli Orchids in Amsterdam will present “How to Repot Orchids”...

And on Sunday, at 2pm, Botanica Orchds in Missoula will present “Orchid Media: Pros and Cons”..




Again this year we are going to have a bench show. This means that the orchids shown will be organized according to their similarities, and it will make it very easy to compare them with one another. This should help us to understand why some plants get ribbons and others don't.

Don't miss our
show raffle!

You have a blooming orchid plant at home and would be proud to show it, but you are not part of our local orchid society? Or do you own some orchid art and would like to show it off?
No problem:


If you want to participate, be sure you read the show rules and agree to their terms:
click on the show rules link below

Non-Member Plant and Art Entries Welcome!

Just come with your entry to the mall on Friday, Apr 16,
between 10am and 1pm, or from 5-7pm, and we will register it for the show. Or, if you're interested, click on the registration link to the left.

Show Rules
Registration How-to
Ribbon Judging

Ribbon judging is Sat. 17th, from 8-10am, followed by AOS judging.
Everybody is invited to help with the ribbon judging. To better understand about ribbon judging, click on the ribbon judging link to the left.
Entries will have to be picked up on Sunday, Apr 18, between 4-5pm.


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