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Species Specialists

Andy's Orchids
| Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals
| Carolina Orchids
| Clackamas Orchids
| Hoosier Orchid Company
| J & L Orchids
| Lynn's Pleurothallids
| Main Street Orchids
| Mountain Orchids
| Petite Plaisance Orchids
| Sorella Orchids
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Vanda Specialists

Goodwind Orchids
| Natt's Orchids
| The Orchid Peddler
| R.F. Orchids
| Tropic 1 Orchids
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Terrestrial Camp 1 Orchids
Orchids Specialists Cypripedium Haven
| Itasca Ladyslipper Farm
| Raising Rarities
| Raymond's Garden Center
| Spangle Creek Labs
| Vermont Ladyslipper Company
| The Wild Orchid Company
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