On this page you'll be able to admire some of the best orchids that were in the show.
Winning Plants of 2003

We played at judging the orchids in the show, trying our hand at picking out the best plants of every category, and awarding them a ribbon. You guess it: blue means first, red second and white third place.
Then we chose the best plants of their class, and awarded these a yellow rosette.
Finally, the best plant of the show and the best cultivated plant got a multicolored rosette. 
We also gave some plants green ribbons: they were not good enough to get a "real" ribbon, but had definitely some special merit.

Best of Show
  Ascocenda Su-Fun Beauty 'Orange Belle' AM/AOS  
Best Grown Plant
Paphiopedilum lowii  
Cattleya Alliance
Blue Ribbons
  Cattleya hybrid Otaara Hwa Yuan Bay 'She Shu' Laeliocattleya Tropical Treat
Dendrobium Alliance
Blue Ribbons
  Dendrobium (Udom Blue Angel x Betty Goto) Dendrobium aggregatum    
Paphiopedilum Alliance
Blue Ribbons
  Paphiopedilum (Merceton Audino x Liz Greenleer) Paphiopedilum Snowbird 'Pearlescence' AM/AOS    
Phalaenopsis Alliance
Blue Ribbons
  Phalaenopsis Little Mary 'Cherry Blossom' Phalaenopsis Golden Peoker 'Nan Cho' Doritaenopsis
 (Minho Stripe x Leopard Prince)
Oncidium Alliance
Blue Ribbons
  Odontoglossum hybrid Miltonia (vexillaria x santanaei)    
Jewel Orchids
Blue Ribbon
  Ludisia discolor      

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