We were fortunate to have several Montana-based orchid nurseries and a Bozeman potter
Vending at the 2006 Show
Each vendor had his/her own booth with an astonishing assortment of quality orchid plants or orchid related art.


Winning Plants
Botanica Ltd. from Missoula came with hundreds of blooming and non-blooming weird orchid species and hybrids, and Charlie Spinelli's Greenhouse from Amsterdam came with the most exciting new, blooming butterfly-orchid crosses. Everybody, from beginners to seasoned orchid growers, could find some exciting plants for their collection.
  Mardella Brock, an independent Bozeman artist, came with elegant porcelain orchid pots, wallhangers, and bowls. Especially popular were the ones that she had planted with just the right orchid.
  Botanica Ltd. Charlie Spinelli's Greenhouse Mardella Brock

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