2017 Orchid Show

This year's show was in front of Macy's in the Gallatin Valley Mall, where we get lots of people walking through and enjoying the beauty of our lush display. Plants were judged by seven American Orchid Society (AOS) judges from Oregon, Utah, and Colorado. Judging teams were composed of AOS judges plus local SOS members and interested locals.


On Friday April 21, we registered 120 plants and 5 pieces of orchid art from a total of 20 exhibitors.

On Saturday April 22, we held the ribbon show.
A lot of people went home with awarded ribbons or rosettes, and engraved brass plaques were awarded for 'Best of Show' and for 'Best Grown'.

On Sunday April 23, the winners of the raffle were drawn.
This year's raffle prizes were three gorgeous orchid plants, an orchid painting, and an african violet.

We were also very lucky to be able to host two vendors of orchid plants, and one vendor of orchid art.

Winning Art

Winning Plants



Charlie Spinelli's Greenhouse from Amsterdam came with very interesting orchid plants. They manage to have new choices of plants each year, and they are deeply knowledgeable about their orchids.
Jolah Orchids from Oregon came offering numerous gorgeous orchid plants.

Sue Spinelli was displaying and selling botanical art work in various media at the same booth as Charlie Spinelli's.

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