On this page you'll be able to admire some of the best orchids that were in the show.
Winning Plants of 2017
We judged the orchids in the show, trying our hand at picking out the best plants of every Alliance, and awarding them a ribbon. You guessed it: blue means first, red second and white third place.
Then we chose the best plants of their alliance, and awarded these a yellow rosette.
Finally, the best plant of the show and the best cultivated plant received a brass plaque.
-- Best of Show --
53-Paph luna spots
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
-- Best Grown Plant --
Phal philippinense
-- Blue Ribbons --
First shown in each Alliance was awarded 'Best of Alliance' and received a Yellow Rosette
Cattleya Alliance
13-Caff Jose Martin Mother Favorite 11-Epc kyogudii 'Fami' 12-Blc Jewel Box
12A_lwanagara Apple Blossom 'Butterfly'
Dendrobium Alliance
21-D. Spring Bird 'Kuroshiki' 23-D. purpureumsm
Miscellaneous Genera
Ida locusta Quintal Farms 31-Cymb. Sara Jean_sm 34-Stelis morganii_sm
Oncidium Alliance
41-Onc. Buck Hollow SIB 42-Dgmra. Jay Yemade 'Kauai #2' 42A_Psych. Mendenhall 'Hildos'
Phaphiopedilum Alliance

Best of Show

53-Paph luna spots 52-Phrag. Don Wimber 54-Paph. delenatii
55-Paph. primulinum 56-Sin-Yi Williams 'Dark Horse' X Paph. rothschildianum'Vber' 57-Paph. Winstons pass_sm
Phalaenopsis Alliance
68-Dtps Fullers Sunset Golden Girl 61-Phal. Linda Cheok 'Aliza Maya'_sm 62-Phal. HI sin Beauty_sm
63-Phal. Susie Spinelli 'Panda'_sm 64-Phal. unknown_sm 65-Phal. unknown_sm
66-Phal. Tying Shin Cupid 'Maria Teresa' X Sogo Lawrence X Kuntrarti Rarshati 69-Phal. Sago Yukidian 71-Phal. Holin Rose
71A-Phal. unknown 74-Phal. Striped Coffee_sm 75-Phal. KV Beauty_sm
75B_Phal. Mao Ting Fairy_sm
Vanda Alliance
81-Vandara Pachara Delight_sm 83-Jumellea comorensis_sm 85-Sarcochilus Fiery Glow X Sarco Hummingbird_sm

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